Want a new bathroom?  We all do, right?  The bathroom is like our own personal spa, a place to get away from the daily grind, and to wash the worries of the day away.  A beautiful oasis in the otherwise drab world of routine we sometimes find ourselves getting caught up in.  So how do we go about transforming the bathroom we have into the bathroom of our dreams?  Well, let’s take a quick look at the steps it takes to get from fanciful, fleeting thought to a real, tangible asset we can actually use.

First and foremost, it really does begin with a dream.  Or a clear idea at least of what you want your bathroom to do for you.  If you aren’t feeling particularly creative, you can look up some photos or ideas online and compare those to the space you have available in your home.  Think about space, think about colors, think about little accents that really personalize the space and make it scream “this is MY place!”  What sorts of faucets do you want, traditional, old-fashioned, modern?  Do you want elegant curls or a functional waterfall?  Should the sinks look like bowls sitting on tables or counters, should they be in-set?  How many do you want?

How about the tub?  Do you want a big luxurious garden tub or spa tub?  Do you want a tiny tub on claw feet in the corner to make more space for a larger shower with multiple shower heads?  The options are rather limitless.  This is YOUR dream, YOUR vision, and there is nothing that can stop you from bringing it to fruition, except your budget.

Plan accordingly.  Start saving ahead of time, once the notion of home improvements start fluttering through your mind you should start planning on tucking some funds away for the project.  But keep it flexible, try to keep a little bit in savings that you DON’T plan on spending, just in case some last minute options come up that are just too good to refuse.  Careful budgeting is the absolute key to an successful remodeling effort.  It keeps you in reality, gives the contractor goals to acheive (and even a chance to shine if they can do more than you thought possible and come in under budget), and makes sure your investment pays off in the long run.

Research everything ahead of time.  Get tons of ideas from online sources like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, you name it.  Have a ton of pictures bookmarked or pinned for easy access so that you can discuss them with your contractor and keep everyone headed toward the same finish line.  “Pictures speak a thousand words,” that’s how the saying goes, right?  Well it’s true!  Showing your contractor what you love and dislike gives you the ability to control your destiny, and end up with a final product that suites your tastes.

The second part of your research is researching the contractor you are letting all of this rest on.  Take a look at some of their work on their website.  If they don’t have a website, make sure you get a look at their portfolio.  Read reviews and testimonials on their workmanship.  Check their references.  This person is getting ready to work for you, think of them as an employee that you are about to invest in.  Do you feel good about them?  Would you be proud to have them on your winning team?  This matters!

Last but not least, work out all the small details, document them, and share them.  Make sure the contractor knows you are a stickler for detail.  Don’t give them a reason to think you will accept anything but the best.  And if they offer up these suggestions up front, that’s even better yet.  It means they know what to look for, and they take pride in their work.  They aren’t going to try to slip anything by you, and they want you to give them a great big A+ on their report card when the job is done.  Talk details, show details, ask questions, make sure that the relationship with the contractor is based on a strong foundation of trust.  Trust comes from communication.  Communication of your ideas and expectations is what will drive the contractor to perform to the top of their ability.  This will give you both an end product you will be proud of, and you will be anxious to share on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and all the other social media outlets you enjoy so that you can see your new bathroom up there next to all the other photos that inspired you in the first place!