Planning a Home Addition

home additions blackwood njSo you need more space in your home?  It makes sense, as our families grow and we acquire more stuff, we need more room.  Is it time for a home addition?


Dream big!

First of all, think about what you would do with the space if you were starting from scratch.  There are several creative and unique ways to get what you want, so by planning from this angle, you can plan on maximizing your space without “settling.”  Once you know what your real goal is, you can start figuring out how to tie it in to the existing house.  An experienced home additions contractor can help you with that, and often get you what you want without sacrificing your vision.


Ways to build.  Build out or build up?

You don’t always have to create a new foundation for additions.  Sometimes you can get away without that portion of the job by building up, adding a second story, or by bumping out, adding some square footage that hangs off the side of the house with proper support.  Bump outs usually have reinforced supports on the walls and floor support.  An experienced home additions contractor can help you decide the best way to maximize your available real estate.


Final looks.

How will the addition blend in to the existing home.  Will you take this opportunity to update siding, or add accents to the home?  Home additions allow you to update your home with more modern features, so you shouldn’t feel that it has to match exactly.  You want it to look like it belongs, but you also want it to have the full luxury and functionality of a modern build.  An experienced home additions contractor can take your desired home addition idea, design it functionaly, and make it happen right before your eyes.  It’s now time to get the job done, and get it done right.


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