Window Replacement

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Are your windows showing signs of fogging?  Also, does your home get excessively cold in the winter?  It may be time to consider window replacement.

The windows are the first place in the house that create drafts.  Energy efficient windows prevent drafts and increase energy efficiency.  KRidge Construction recommends window evaluations every 15-20 years.

KRidge uses low heat, argon filled windows for our window replacements to keep your home conditioned to your liking.  Also, we use minimal expanding foam around windows to prevent drafts.  Because of these precautions, KRidge windows are a great energy saving option for your home.

When asked for our recommendation, KRidge prefers Wincore windows.  They provide a lifetime factory warranty.  If your window leaks or fails to perform, Wincore will replace for free.  Similarly, if your child hits a home run through the window, the pane gets replaced for free.  You get a “no questions asked, life-time warranty.”  How can you beat that?  Plus, Wincore is a pink company, so a portion of each sale goes toward beating breast cancer.  Every sale gives something back!

Types of Window Replacement:
• Fixed windows
• Single-hung sash windows
• Double-hung sash windows
• Horizontal sliding sash windows
• Bay windows
• Picture windows

Special Deals on Window Replacement!

Windows and vinyl siding are some of our newest and most popular services available at this time.  As a result, KRidge is excited to be able some special offers on these services.  So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows, contact KRidge now for specials deals on vinyl siding and new windows, and give your house that makeover you’ve been waiting for.  Why wait any longer?  Maximum curb appeal is only a click or a phone call away!  Get your free estimate now!

Above all else, KRidge strives to keep our 100% customer satisfaction rate.  Contact Us today to start customizing your home for energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Don’t forget to ask about our Military Discount!