Emergency Services

KRidge offers a broad range of Emergency Home Repair Services.  Emergency home repair services include but are not limited to:
Board ups.  KRidge will provide board ups (or wall patching) for accidents that take out walls or sections wall such as vehicle collisions or small fires.
Heating.  KRidge provides emergency heating services and heater repair or accommodations.
Mechanical.  KRidge provides emergency home mechanical services to mechanical systems.
Water Damage.  KRidge provides water damage remediation services, cutting out wet walls/floors, and drying out with fans and dehumidifiers.


Insurance.  KRidge provides customer advocacy in insurance disputes so that you don’t need to hire a public adjuster who takes up to 25% off the top.  When an adjuster takes a cut, the job suffers because either not enough funds are left to cover the work, or the service provider hired was the cheapest they could find.  Don’t let the quality of work suffer because of something like that!

Plumbing.  KRidge & Common Sense Plumbing provide emergency plumbing services such as pipe repair, toilet repair, drain repair, etc.