Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling Contractor KRidge is South Jersey’s leading home remodeling contractor, capable of remodeling any part of your home. While kitchens and bathrooms are two of the bigger home remodeling requests we get, here are a few other home remodeling projects not everyone thinks of.

Master Bedroom.  Knock down walls and make turn your master bedroom into a master suite, a luxurious living space that is just for you!

Laundry Room. Convert your cramped up laundry room into a spacious laundry work space.

Open Floor Plan.  Remove unnecessary walls, columns, closets, etc. to create a nice open floor plan for a more even flow through your home.

Deck & Patio.  Similarly, you can add a dynamic patio or spacious deck for outdoor dining, entertaining, or pure relaxation, making the flow of the home reach the outdoors!

Attic Conversion.  Turn your cramped attic into a new room, home gym or office, or an entire new floor to your house.  After that, you’ll have all sorts of space to work with for even more home customization!

Storage. Need more storage space, or want to hide existing space in a fashionable way?  KRidge can help.

How it works.

KRidge will visit you and take a look at the space in question.  They will listen to your ideas, tell you about prior experiences with similar projects and give suggestions on how to optimize the project.  Then they will explain how they will get it done in the time desired at or below your budget.  Customer satisfaction is held above all else, therefore KRidge staff is available at all times through every step in the process to make the transition as seamless and as fun as possible.  You will be happy from beginning to end with the help of the KRidge team!

KRidge home remodeling takes your dreams to new heights and makes them a reality for your and your family.  In other words, you’ll get the results you desire from a team you can trust!

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