Kitchen Remodeling

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While we may have a room called the “Living Room,” we all know that most of the living is done in the kitchen, the real center of the home. This is where we sit, talk, and share with our families, but it is also one of the most complex areas of the home. It is a place for food preparation, washing, cooking, cleaning and more. It also requires plumbing, electric and maybe even gas.

This area of the house is meant for family. Therefore, you want this area to be at its best. There are lots of ways to approach kitchen remodeling, so let’s begin with the basics.

Size. First of all, how big do you want it? Will you be able to fit the whole family into the space as it currently is, or do you need to make some more room?

Flow. Secondly, is your kitchen exactly the right shape and layout for you? Do you just want to update it or make the flow a little more accommodating?

Dining. Is your kitchen small and you want to make it bigger? Do you want to combine it with the dining room to make it one big luxurious room?

Location. Finally, do you want to relocate the kitchen or add on to the house with a new home addition? Adding a home addition makes the entire house bigger, and as a result you gain more living space. Moving the kitchen to an addition allows you to gain two new rooms instead of one!

Small Farmhouse kitchen. Remodel Pendant lights white cabinets & granite countertops.

In conclusion.

KRidge Construction is South Jersey’s trusted kitchen remodeling contractor for 30 years.  We are ready to help you begin your project right now.  Our 100% customer satisfaction rate is something we strive to maintain with every project.  Contact Us today for a free quote and make your kitchen remodeling dreams a reality!